Importance of Cordyceps Sinensis

A fungus with extraordinary medicinal value is Cordyceps.

Cordyceps are referred to as a fungus which is used for its medicinal value by millions of people every day. Let us first know actually what does cordyceps means and what actually are they. Cordyceps Sinensis begins its life as a worm which usually happens in the winter season. As it grows and summer approaches, it grows fully into a mushroom. It may sound strange for numerous people, but it is the fact of nature. This fungus have proven to be dangerous for insects when they consume it, like caterpillars, but in the case of human beings, there are numerous advantageous results which cannot be ignored at any case. This mushroom is believed to have such great powers that it helps people to combat illness and also fights other human diseases quite effectively. The country which first acknowledged the benefits of this fungus was china. It is believed, that China discovered Cordyceps and its featured centuries ago and since then it has been used by not only china but also in various other parts of the world.

What it does

There are numerous diseases which can be cured by Cordyceps. Some of the major advantages of this fungus are enlisted further. Because of the presence of anti metastatic property in this fungus, it is used to treat cancer patients. It is not today that Cordyceps Sinensis is being used for treating cancer, but people of china have discovered this feature of this fungus long way back. Another important advantage of this fungus is that it is used to boost the immune system of human beings due to the presence of anti inflammatory property in this fungus. Since, the immune system is improved, and then there are fewer chances of people getting ill or suffering from diseases quite regularly. Everyone wants to look younger no matter how they achieve it. the simplest way to look younger is to have Cordyceps Sinensis. It has been reported by various competent biologists that Cordyceps has certain attributes which help significantly in making individual to look younger. Since, they are fungus, it was very difficult for people from ancient periods to consume them because of their bad taste and look. But as the time has evolved, people have the liberty to get Cordyceps in the form tablets and capsules. Not only, this, it also helps in curing diabetes. This is due the presence of polysaccharides available in this fungus which produces a hypoglycemic effect thereby reducing the effects of diabetes. Also, it helps in improving the blood circulation through livers, kidneys and lungs. Also, it helps in increasing the capacity to inhale more and more oxygen.


Getting Cordyceps Sinensis tablets or capsules is not vey difficult nowadays. All that one ahs to do is to look for a proper retail shop I his city which deal in selling various kinds of health related tablets. It is believed, that such stores would definitely contain these tablets no matter in which part of the world they are located. Hence, getting Cordyceps is not difficult and also it comes at a very affordable price.


Facts about Cordyceps

Everyone knows that Cordyceps is also referred to as the killer mushroom. Here killer signifies the number of diseases which this fungus helps in combating and mushroom refers to the shape of this fungus. There are approximately 700 different types of species of this fungus which are currently available for the use by human beings. And one such specie is Cordyceps Sinensis. This variety of Cordyceps is believed to have been found in Tibet and also in some remote locations in china and Nepal.But if one considers the effectiveness, then the fungus variety found in the coastal regions of Tibet is the best one. If one wants to harvest the Cordyceps Sinensis, then the best month for such an activity is the month of July. In, June, the quality of Cordyceps is not up to the mark.

More about Cordyceps Sinensis

Out of all the varieties of Cordyceps, Cordyceps Sinensis is the best one.It has been used for medicinal purpose since 1400s. Most of the Tibetans swear by its ultra curing power to cure diseases whether it is a normal cough or a dangerous cancer. And almost all the time, there swear have come true. Cordyceps has never let them down. Apart from this there are various other important advantages of this type of fungus. It helps in curing diabetes or reducing its effects to a great extent. Not only this, it also helps in making people to look younger and more energetic. It helps in maintaining the immune system of one’s body as a result of which there are fewer chances of people getting ill. Also, it helps considerably in improving the blood circulation in one’s body. The health of the human body is dependent on whether the required amount of blood is flowing through all the vital organs of the body or not. Hence, blood circulation is very important and for this, Cordyceps Sinensis is the best choice. Other properties which are available in this type of fungus is anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and anti tumor properties.

Side effects

There hasn’t been any deaths or a major injury to people who have consumed Cordyceps but they also it has shown certain side effects which cannot be ignored. Some of the most common consequences are stomach upset, mouth getting dried up, dizziness, pain in abdomen and many more. There are also effects of loss of appetite which may cause people to lose weight and look weaker. If the person is not concerned about the liquid intake of his body when he suffers from diarrhea then it might lead to dehydration. Apart from this, it has been reported that those women who are expecting a child or who are nursing children should not be consuming this Cordyceps. Though there haven’t been any reports of adverse effects in this case, but then there is no surety that there wouldn’t be any adverse effect. Hence, it is advisable that instead of experimenting one’s life, women should tend to avoid consuming these tablets. Hence, Cordyceps though might have a few side effects, but its advantages will always exceed its side effects by leaps and bound.Everyone knows that Cordyceps is also referred to as the killer mushroom. Here killer signifies the number of diseases which this fungus helps in combating and mushroom refers to the shape of this fungus. There are approximately 700 different types of species of this fungus which are currently available for the use by human beings. And one such specie is Cordyceps Sinensis. This variety of Cordyceps is believed to have been found in Tibet and also in some remote locations in china and Nepal. But if one considers the effectiveness, then the fungus variety found in the coastal regions of Tibet is the best one. If one wants to harvest the Cordyceps Sinensis, then the best month for such an activity is the month of July. In, June, the quality of Cordyceps is not up to the mark.


Cordyceps is one of the most unique, rare, and treasured plants used in herbal medicine.  It grows in the mountains of Tibet, Nepal and China. Harvesting of cordyceps in the wild region is a very expensive task.  Cordyceps from Tibet is supposed to be the best cordyceps available. In China, it was highly recommended as one of the most effective medicines for all illness. Due to its anti-aging and cure-all properties, it can be compared to ginseng, reishi and deer velvet. It may be called as tonic that helps to build strength, improve organic functioning, strengthen the immune system and contributes to longevity.

Uncountable Benefits of Cordyceps

  1. It works as an energy tonic – It strengthens your lungs, kidneys and heart energy levels.  In Chinese Medicine theory, these organs are related to overall energy.
    1. It enhances your immune system -It is used in Chinese medicine to make your lung energy stronger. That is related to your immune system in general. If your lung energy is stronger, it is easier to avoid getting sick.  Overall health and energy level determines if you are as likely to catch a cold or flu frequently or suffer from allergies.
    2. Fluid Retention – Fluid retention, or edema, is caused by your body not being able to get rid of excess fluid. Fluid levels are controlled by the Kidneys and Spleen. Cordyceps makes your kidney energy stronger, so if you are retaining fluid that is caused by weak kidney energy, it can help you get rid of it.
    3. It is a medicine for coughing – It can treat coughing that you get after a cold/flu.  In Chinese medicine theory, your lung energy is weakened by coughing a lot.  That is why sometimes you will have a light cough that can hang on for months after a cold.  This is called a Residual Cough.
    4. It’s a medicine for insomnia – It can be taken for long term to strengthen your kidney energy and reduce or eliminate the urge to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
    5. It’s a medicine for lower back pain – If you have low back pain it can be a symptom of a kidney energy weakness.  Low back and knee pain are classic symptoms of low kidney energy. This herbal medicine increases the kidney energy and thus helps in resolving the problem of back pain.

Components of Cordyceps – The main components are listed below:

  • Essential amino and fatty acids.
  • Vitamins such as vitamin B1, B2, B12, E and K.
  • Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium and many others.
  • Enzymes
  • Sterols and Proteins

Side Effects

Various clinical studies have been performed on Cordyceps and no side effects were identified. However it is recommended to use this medicine cautiously in patients with prostate conditions or in individuals taking immune suppressive medications, and hormonal replacement therapy. Avoid for the patients with myelogenous-type cancers based on reports of this medicine causing proliferation of progenitor red blood cells.

Advantages of Cordyceps

One of the most awesome examples of nature is Cordyceps. The lifecycle of Cordyceps Sinensis begins from being a worm. The worm in its early days crawls on the ground. This happens mostly in winters. Then, as the summer comes, the worm then develops into a plant, more like a mushroom. Though, it may appear to be very strange when a worm becomes a plant, but it is the fact and it does happen. This fungus may have prove harmful for insects like caterpillars and snails, but it when comes to humans, its advantages are numerous. Cordyceps Sinensis is nothing but a medicinal mushroom. It incorporates such ingredients which help in fighting various human diseases and also prevents people from getting ill. It was basically discovered in the country of China. Sooner, because of its added advantages, its popularity spread worldwide. It also possesses the ability to fight cancer. Other properties that are available in this fungus are the inflammatory property. It helps in making the immune system of one’s body strong. One of the best applications of the fungus is that it helps in limiting the age of a person. Everyone has the desire to look young throughout his life. No one in this world wants to get old or look old. With the use of this fungus, one can achieve that goal. Though, the taste may not be very pleasing, its advantages overtake the bad taste considerably. It is available in tablets and capsules in most of the medical stores around the globe. However, anyone cannot just consume the tablets as and when he wants. One has to first get the prescription of the doctor, and then only he is eligible to buy the pills. Thus, it is necessary on the part of the shop keeper to give the tablets only to those who actually deserve it and have a proper prescription of doctor.

More benefits :

There are several benefits which can be associated with this fungus. It helps considerably in the prevention of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most prominent diseases which people of today are suffering with. Almost, 40% of the work population is in the grasp of this disease which is highly undesirable to say the least. Hence, in order to curb the adverse effects of such a disease, cordyceps are used. The Cordyceps extracts possesses enzymes like polysaccharides. The polysaccharides have the property of being an anti-oxidant. They in turn enhance the behavior of glucose and its metabolism. This ultimately leads to increasing sensitivity towards insulin, thereby controlling diabetes. Another important advantage of it is that it helps in proper circulation of blood in the veins of human beings. Thus, it helps in maintaining proper blood pressure in one’s body. It also helps in fighting cancer either in kidneys, lungs or livers. It also helps in maintain the proper heartbeat of a person. Thus, with so many advantages from a single medicinal plant, one cannot but appreciate the value and the importance of Cordyceps Sinensis.

Features of the Cordyceps Sinensis

The Cordyceps forms the genera of even more than four hundred different species. It basically is a genus of the fungi ascomycete. It is an endoparasitoid and it resides inside the host’s body. Its hosts may mainly include insects and various other arthropods. Or they may even grow on some other fungi. Cordyceps Sinensis one of the most famous species of Cordyceps fungi. It was first discovered in fifteenth century in Tibet. There it was originally called yartsa gumba. Originated from Latin cord means club, ceps means head and Sinensis is used for Chinese.

Various points

Cordyceps Sinensis may also be popularly known as caterpillar fungus in English. They originate because of the parasitic relation that the fungus shares with the ghost moth Thitarodes’ larva. Many species are found on the Plateau of Tibet. This fungus originates and grows from the insect’s body and then kills and feeds on the insect. The caterpillars which may be infected by this fungus are found living usually in the alpine grasses or the shrublands. They may live at three thousand to five thousand altitudes on high mountain ranges. The fungus attacks on the caterpillar Thitarodes while it feeds on roots. This may occur when of one the spores of the fungus are injected into the insect by its breathing pores. Then it fills the complete body cavity of the insect with its mycelia and finally the insect dies. Then this mushroom grows out of the caterpillar’s forehead usually in the early summer season of the spring season. Its body is dark brown or black in colour. It stretches up to ten or fifteen centimetres and then releases its spores.

Medicinal advantages provided

This combination of the caterpillar and fungus is together used as a medicine. It traditionally, is a Chinese medicine. This fungus is a mushroom which is used for the treatment of many different kinds of diseases ranging from mild fatigue to even cancer. They may also be useful for Hepatitis B treatment. It is considered to have the perfect balance between animal and vegetable since it is a mushroom but at the same time a fungus also. It produces substances that are pharmacologically active and these are now cultivated for extracting medicines. But they have yet not been grown artificially. Typically, three to ten grams of dosage may be sufficient. It is one of the best and most popular energy booster and came into notice when it helped the Chinese athletes in breaking world records. It may even prove helpful to people who have resistance to insulin since it has the hypoglycaemic effects. They have antioxidant properties and prevent the cholesterol accumulation.It also helps in the treatment of kidney, liver, immune system and heart. This medicinal property is mainly due to the presence of the bioactive polysaccharides, metabolites and nucleosides that this fungus produces. This is in general used to replenish the overall body health. It also serves as a very important means of income. Thus, overall, Cordyceps Sinensis may exactly not be tasty enough but this fungus or mushroom certainly tends to improve your health and keep you fit.

Popularity of Cordyceps

The Cordyceps fungus is known to be a very effective tonic and also an aphrodisiac. It is boomingly used as a supplement for the diet and nourishment or as a medicine. Due to the rapidly growing demand of this mushroom, it also tends to be a new income provider for rural people especially who cultivate it.

Origination and description of the species

Coming originally from the fungus ascomycete, it is a parasitic fungus and it lives on the larvae of moths and butterflies or scientifically speaking, lepidopterous. It mainly attacks those caterpillars which have the Thitarodes genus. Cordyceps Sinensis grows from about three thousand to five thousand meters above the sea level in cold and grassy meadows of alpine. The host insects are generally living underground in the mountains or plateaus and there they spend mostly three to five years as pupa. The Cordyceps Sinensis spreads its spores by wind on the soil and on the plants. When the caterpillar comes out to feed on the herbaceous vegetation, these larvae get absorbed. They may enter the body of the caterpillar from its mouth or from respiratory pores. Each metamere may contain around two of these fungi. After it has entered the host’s body, the mycelium ejected by the fungus fills the whole cavity inside the body of the insect, and then slowly it completely replaces the tissues of the host. The dead insect then turns yellow or brown coloured. The cylindrical fruiting body grows up and protrudes out from the insect’s forehead. It is usually five to fifteen centimetres long. The fungus tissue mass or commonly called as stroma has many small perithecia which contain the sacs producing spores called asci. The time period from spores dispersion to infection is around fourteen to fifteen days. The dry mushroom is three to ten centimetres of length. It is present in altitudes of four to four thousand five hundred metres. The mushroom is difficult to be seen since it is so small. Its cultivation requires a lot of patience as well as concentration.

Popular usage and advantages obtained

Cordyceps Sinensis is one substance that metamorphises between spring and summers. It is also referred to as summers grass winters worm. It is regarded as one of the top four plants to cure all diseases related to virility. They improve and enhance the physical strength. They boost up the energy of the body, increase the life span and also support the five body senses. The people treated with this drug showed remarkable improvement in case of intolerance to cold, frequent nausea, dizziness, fatigue, amnesia, etc.  They are a source of biochemical and have very interesting pharmacological properties. Three to six grams per day of consumption has been used to treat patients who had acute renal failure. Their main components may include adinocine, uridine, uracils, hypoxanthine, thymine, etc. They are used in older population for improving the weakness caused because of aging. Cordyceps therefore have a lot of potential to be one of the most important drugs in medicine.

Plant of medicinal value-Cordyceps Sinensis

cordycepsCordyceps Sinensis are herbal plants having exquisite medicinal value used for curing numerous health related ailments.

Resume of Cordyceps-

Talking about the resume or in turn the vital characteristics of Cordyceps Sinensis, one would have to commit that it is very impressive. First and foremost they have been into usage by people since the last 1500 years and that is absolutely commendable. It has also won various accolades from various high society people like the Chinese Emperor, and other noble Chinese men. It has been treated as subject in about 300 studies and researches. Being an excellent energy booster, it is also credited in helping the china’s team at Olympics considerably.

A more about Cordyceps

As mentioned Cordyceps Sinensis is an herbal plant which is used for medicinal purposes. They are mostly found in the deserted and isolated regions of China, Nepal and also in some parts of Tibetan Valley. It is not totally a plant or an herb but instead it is a fungus which is found on the back side of insects like caterpillars native to these regions. Because of the same reason and their rarity, they are very expensive. It is believed to be the costliest medicinal herb available in the entire universe. It is believed and also scientifically proven that the Cordyceps of the wild are much more advantageous from those which are cultivated. This in turn has resulted in increasing the range of treatment to a great extent. Also it is believed that the Cordyceps Sinensis that is found in the wild Tibetan regions are the best herbs than those found in China or Nepal. Chinese people have been and continue to uses these herbs for curing various ailments. They have been able to successfully make their own medicine for curing their diseases using such herbs. However, these Cordyceps are now also used in modern day medical science for curing diseases such as increase in cholesterol level. Also they have been used for solving the circulatory, immune system problems efficiently and effectively.


There are numerous benefits which can be linked with Cordyceps Sinensis. Some of them are enlisted further. They have been extremely successful in curing impotence in men in the countries like China, Japan. The success rate ailment is assumed to be around 64%. Because of its remarkable qualities of anti aging and curing all, it was believed to be the answer of every disease in China. It benefits considerably in building the vital body strength, improvement in the functions of the crucial organs of the body and strengthening one’s immunity system. They also help in regulating the pressure of the blood. Researches in various medical universities have shown that Cordyceps Sinensis helps in making the tissues of the penis relax. This in turn increases the blood flow and thereby helps magnificently in better and harder erection. It is also helpful in ailment of cholesterol levels in human beings. It prevents the LDL cholesterol to accumulate in the vessels carrying blood thereby acting as the effective herb in curing cholesterol problems in people. Thus, the benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis cannot be counted on finger tips and thus should be rightfully acknowledged by everyone.